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Why Get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

18 February 2019
Sutton Showplace Realty Chilliwack

A pre-listing inspection can uncover previously unknown problems – major and minor – allowing sellers the opportunity to make repairs, updates or replacements as needed or as they wish.

Homes that are already on the market can be at a disadvantage if problems are revealed during a subsequent home inspection. Issues that the seller were previously unaware of could keep a property from selling at its highest potential price, when it’s too late to address them. A home in better condition will normally sell for more than one with problems that could have been corrected. Examples include a roof that needs replacing, heating that functions poorly and plumbing fixtures that leak.

By addressing these types of issues before the home goes on the market, you can list a home with greater knowledge of its condition. This can result in cleaner offers and a smoother transaction for both parties. Having well-informed sellers and buyers will work to everyone’s advantage, including yours.

Inspections include a comprehensive report, complete with photos, printed on-site so there’s no waiting for results. This allows sellers to get the information they need right away so they can decide on their next steps prior to listing. You can also share the report with potential buyers. This is especially important when it comes to issues that might not be addressed or repaired prior to sale. If repairs are made prior to listing, you can be sure to present records of the work being done, including any necessary permits.

With a pre-listing inspection in hand, your agent can market your home with greater confidence and for a better price.

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3 Problems Found During a Home Inspection

04 February 2019
Sutton Showplace Realty Chilliwack

Most home sales are contingent upon a respectable home inspection to the buyers’ satisfaction. An experienced and qualified home inspector should find something that could be repaired, upgraded, or corrected in every home they inspect. Even in newly built homes issues can be found.

We find there are a few items that are more commonly found during a basic home inspection than others. This is the list of the Top 3 issues found in most homes. This list can help sellers look for these issues and correct or repair the issue prior to selling or a buyer to be aware of what they should look for in a prospective home.

  1. Water Leaks
    When you talk to an experienced home inspector, you will learn that for home buyers, it is all about finding potential water problems. No one wants to move into their dream home, only to find leaks from the basement or roof, mould behind the walls, sewage backups from the street or toilets flooding inside the house. Water damage is expensive to fix, both inside and outside your home.
  2. Organic (Mould) Growth in Attics
    Attic mold, left unchecked, can grow and lead to structural deterioration of attic sheathing and roof structural elements. There’s an underlying moisture issue that needs to be resolved because mold requires moisture to grow and spread.  Mold in attics is scary to most would-be buyers and homeowners; mold staining in attics is an issue that will come up each and every time the home is inspected into the future.  And, the longer one waits to address it, the more expensive repairs and remediation become.
  3. Rodent Infestation
    A big danger of Rodent infestation such as rats or mice is that these small roents can chew on electrical wiring causing a catastrophic house fire. Rodent’s teeth are always growing and therefore they chew constantly. What are they chewing? Your home. Yep, that’s right. Mice can actually chew through soft concrete, aluminum, drywall, and plastic piping.

So be careful when purchasing your home. Complete your proper buyers due diligence and hire a reputable Home Inspector like Mr. Home Inspector.

The Mr. Home Inspector Specialists have inspected thousands of homes in the course of the 19 years being in business. All our specialists participate in Quarterly Education Sessions to ensure we are always educated with new inspection methods and tools. All our inspectors have a background in construction and are familiar with residential and commercial building techniques and know where to look for issues.

Mr. Home Inspector uses Electronic Reporting Systems to provide you the home buyer with a complete and reliable report including numerous pictures of all areas. All reporting is done while our inspector is on site. Every report includes our complimentary Mr. Home Inspector – Major Points report to help assist you in negotiation. As well as free technical support as long as you own your home.

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Speculation Tax and Vacancy Tax

29 January 2019
Sutton Showplace Realty Chilliwack

Banner for B.C.'s speculation and vacancy tax

The speculation and vacancy tax is a key measure in tackling the housing crisis in major urban centres in British Columbia, where home prices and rents have skyrocketed out of reach for many British Columbians.

The provincial government is taking action because people who live and work in B.C. deserve an affordable place to call home.

The speculation and vacancy tax is a part of government's 30-Point Plan to make housing more affordable for people in our province.

This new annual tax is designed to:

  • Target foreign and domestic speculators who own residences in B.C. but don’t pay taxes here
  • Turn empty homes into good housing for people
  • Raise revenue that will directly support affordable housing

All owners of residential property in the designated taxable regions of B.C. must complete an annual declaration. Over 99% of British Columbians are estimated to be exempt from the tax.

HOW TO EXEMPT YOURSELF... read more here:


Chilliwack’s redeveloped downtown may see new businesses as early as this Fall

24 January 2019
Sutton Showplace Realty Chilliwack

The article below is sourced from: The Chilliwack Progress.

Although revitalization plans for downtown Chilliwack were announced last summer, locals didn’t start seeing changes until December when demolition crews arrived and began excavating sites for new construction.

“We’re right on track, though … and hope to have the project done in four years,” said Dave Algra, vice-president of Algra Bros, the development company in charge of the project.

The ambitious project, which comprises four phases, will see the transformation of 3.75 acres of prime downtown Chilliwack real estate from vacant shops and empty streets, to a lively, community-driven atmosphere.

“It’s not our first rodeo, (so) we have a pretty good idea on how it’s all going to work,” explained Algra.

The company, which is located in Abbotsford, has been building in Chilliwack for several years now, says they approach their developmental undertakings as opportunities to create “spaces where people can be successful.”

“Our goal is to create something that … people enjoy being in (and) spaces to allow people to enjoy (local) businesses. We’re making a place for people,” said Algra.

The first phase of the project is the re-purposing of all existing buildings in the development area, which will also include the first part of the planned pedestrian street. And while construction is a sequential process that begins with the issuing of proper permits, which Algra is still in the process of securing, they’re expecting businesses to begin opening in new spaces come this fall.

“We hope to get them in in July or August for (tenant improvement projects),” said Jon Kinneman, Algra’s art director.

Phase two will be the construction of an 63-unit apartment building, which will significantly increase the amount of residential spaces in Chilliwack’s downtown core. There will also be 18 residential units on top of the existing buildings.

“Working with old buildings provides unique challenges,” explained Algra, “but no more buildings will be coming down. We’re trying to maintain (many of) the structures (as we) dismantle parts (and) sculpt walls into new facades.”

Phase three of the project will be a parkade, explained Kinneman, and the final phase will be a multiple-storey building that’s a mix of commercial and residential units.

With their eyes on global trends, said Kinneman, Algra Bros hopes to bring a modern, yet classical feel into the city’s aging downtown infrastructure. Walkable cities with blocks of small commercial fronts mixed with residential spaces create livable communities where local businesses thrive, which is Algra’s hope for Chilliwack’s future.

For more information on Chilliwack’s downtown redevelopment, please visit the Algra Bros project website at


Check to see if there's any rebates/incentives that apply to your home improvements.

16 January 2019
Sutton Showplace Realty Chilliwack
Did you know that there's rebates available to home owners in B.C? Whether you're looking to sell, or stay in your home long term, many of these upgrades could add value to your home and save you money on electricity and gas in the long run.
If you're thinking of upgrading or replacing items in your home, have a look at the website below to see if there's any rebates/incentives that apply to your home improvements.
There's rebates for items such as heat pumps, geothermal heat, natural gas boiler & water heaters, windows, doors, appliances, insulation, and more!
The incentives offered are not solely for residential homes, there's rebates available for new construction residential, non-profit housing and commercial structures as well.

Takeaways from the 2019 B.C. property assessments

09 January 2019
Sutton Showplace Realty Chilliwack

Article from:

The 2018 B.C. property assessments made headlines recently, mostly because residential estates in Vancouver fell after years of big gains. Observers attribute much of that change to new restrictions on real estate from the NDP government. But throughout the rest of the province, downturns in value weren’t really the story. And the devaluations didn’t extend to commercial or industrial properties: non-residential estates enjoyed another year of gains across the board. Overall, assessments across B.C. rose by 1.07 percent.

Here’s what else we learned from the province’s real estate breakdown. Keep in mind that the assessments reflect market value as of July 1, 2018.

  • The community with the highest uptick in single-family residential properties? The village of Sayward. According to the 2016 census, Sayward has a population of 311. It’s located on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island, about an hour north of Campbell River. Sometimes statistics in a smaller community can be thrown off by an outlier or two, but the 44-percent increase seems to have affected the area somewhat equally.
  • Other small Vancouver Island communities like Tahsis (30 percent) and Cumberland (27 percent) saw massive surges in single-family assessments, too.
  • The lowest increase in single-family assessments on Vancouver Island came from Saanich, which was separated into two jurisdictions measuring 4 and 6 percent.
  • It’s not the same story in Greater Vancouver, where six regions saw a loss for single-family properties. Among them, Vancouver, Burnaby and North Vancouver each took 4-percent hits, while West Vancouver saw a 12-percent decline.
  • However, all regions in Greater Vancouver saw a rise in the assessed value of strata residential properties, with the lowest gain coming from Vancouver (6 percent). Whistler saw the highest such rise, with 23 percent.
  • Other than single-family residences in Richmond and White Rock (both down 2 percent), Fraser Valley property owners mostly got good news. Strata holders in Abbotsford (a 28-percent gain), Langley (27 percent) and Chilliwack (23 percent) did particularly well for themselves.
  • The lowest percentage uptick for strata owners in the Fraser Valley came from Delta’s 7 percent. Not bad.
  • Northern B.C. mostly saw single-family residential gains between 8 and 11 percent, with a few exceptions, notably increases in Kitimat (31 percent), 100 Mile House (20 percent) and Kitimat (20 percent).
  • However, there was a 23-percent drop in single-family residential assessments in the northeast corner of the province. The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, which includes Fort Nelson, saw values plummet. Maybe not the best place to have an investment property.

What were your takeaways? 

B.C.’s skyrocketing real estate market will ‘correct’ in 2019: analyst

11 December 2018
Sutton Showplace Realty Chilliwack

After years of skyrocketing real estate prices in much of urban B.C., things are finally set to cool off in the new year.

A 2019 market survey forecast from Royal LePage suggests that house prices are in the Lower Mainland will rise by just 0.6 per cent.

Last year’s forecast predicted prices would rise by five per cent.

Next year’s predicted increase would leave houses costing an average of $1.3 million by the end of the year.

Royal LePage Sterling Realty general manager Randy Ryalls said that the slowdown was a natural correction after a busy few years on the real estate market.

“The volume is down off of those crazy levels where we were selling 5000 properties a month,” Ryalls said.

“This is much more of a normalization of our market than we’ve seen in quite a few years.”

Ryalls said that the mortgage stress test brought in at the start of the year, coupled with the foreign buyers tax and other provincial policies, was helping to calm markets.

But for buyers who thought “the ship had sailed,” Ryalls said 2019 presented a new opportunity.

“The condo and townhouse market has sort of balanced itself out and detached houses are probably firmly in buyer market territory,” he said.

That means there will be opportunities for first-time millennials buyers for the first time in years.

“Where you were having to compete with several other buyers to buy a property in 2016 and 2017, now you have an opportunity to go and be the only buyer on a property and negotiate a pretty good price,” Ryalls said.

“There’s an opportunity for a millennial buyer. Now they can go and not make a decision in five minutes when they walk in the door.”

But recent buyers shouldn’t despair that they’ve bought a useless property.

B.C. still has “probably the best economy in Canada,” Ryalls noted, and with unemployment remaining low, the real estate market continues to have a strong foundation.

“There’s periods of a lot of growth in terms of prices and then it slips back a little bit,” Ryalls said.

“We’ve gone through a period when we’ve had double digit increases per year and that’s not sustainable and that’s going to correct itself a little bit.”

Credit to original article from The Progress:

Annual Door Decorating Contest!

08 December 2018
Sutton Showplace Realty Chilliwack


It's time again for Sutton's Annual Door Decorating Contest!

The busy elves in the office have been hard at work trying to make their door the very BEST! But we need your help deciding - and your vote enters YOU into the Contest to Win a Festive Gift Basket, $50 Fraser Valley Meats Gift Certificate and a $25 Superstore Gift Card!!

There are 3 categories to vote on. VISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE TO VOTE

The Contest ends December 18th at Noon. Facebook votes will be combined with judges scores to decide on the 3 winning doors.

This contest is not affiliated with Facebook.
*The winner must be able to pick up their prize between Dec 19 - 21st from the Sutton Showplace office between 9am - 5pm. Closed Weekends and Holidays.

Winter Wonderland CONTEST 2018

12 November 2018
Sutton Showplace Realty Chilliwack


Enter our Winter Wonderland Contest to WIN 2 Tickets to Cirque Musica, in Abbotsford on December 21st, courtesy of Sutton Showplace Realty!

Please follow the rules to be eligible. Good luck everyone!

Contest Opens: Nov 12, 2018 at 9:00am
Contest Closes: Nov 30, 2018 at 12:00pm

1) 'Like' the Sutton Showplace Realty Facebook Page.
2) ‘Like’ this contest post on Facebook.
3) Comment on the original Facebook post by tagging a friend you’d like to take with you to Cirque Musica!

One winner will be randomly selected on November 30, 2018 and will be notified via Facebook. (For prize pickup, the winner can drop by our office on weekdays between 9am-5pm *Our office is closed on weekends and holidays.

1. One (1) entry per person.
2. By entering this contest, contestants and their legal guardians consent to Sutton Showplace Realty 2015 publishing and/or announcing the Prize Winner’s name (first name only), and photograph posted publicly, including print advertising and social media.
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4. This contest is not associated with any other Sutton Realty offices. Each office is independently owned and operated.

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Office Closure for Remembrance Day

11 November 2018
Sutton Showplace Realty Chilliwack

The Sutton Showplace office will be closed today. Please take a moment today to honor those who have fought for our freedom.
Chilliwack will be hosting a Remembrance Day Procession and Service. Click the link for further details.