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Tips for Home Sellers

01 May 2019
Sutton Showplace Realty Chilliwack

Keeping your home in good maintenance throughout your entirety of ownership is common sense, but it's also a great way to prepare it for a future sale. If you keep up with regular maintenance, the repairs and tasks won't pile up all at once, making it feel impossible to prepare your home for sale when you're eventually ready to.

First impressions are so important, they really do matter to potential home buyers.  Here are some ways to prepare your listing and make the best first impression:

  • Curb Appeal - weed those gardens, clean the gutters, wash the windows and maybe even place a new doormat at the front door. If you can afford to freshen up the exterior paint/trim, it can go a long way towards making a first impression. People may think, "If the house is that well kept on the outside, I bet the inside is nice too!"
  • Pretend you’re a buyer and really look at your home with a buyer’s eye. As the homeowner, you’ve gotten used to the subtle changes that will stick out to a pair of fresh eyes.  That said, if something needs to be repaired or replaced, do it.
  • Make sure your home is so clean it even smells spotless. Beware: Pet odors can be deal killers.
  • Lose the clutter. It's difficult for most people to look past an abundance of knickknacks on shelves, refrigerator artwork and rooms overfilled with furniture. Start "pre-packing" - if you're planning on moving anyway, give yourself a head start packing up the clutter and donating items you know you don't want anymore.
  • This is a difficult one - encouraging your kids to keep their bedrooms clean. Explain that the home must be ready to show at a moment’s notice.
  • Consult an experienced and licensed REALTOR© to receive a free Home Evaluation. Be prepared to take further advice on tasks that could be done to prepare your home for sale, and be open to their advice on how to price your home. The real estate market is ever-changing and what you thought you'd price your home at in the Summer, may not be realistic in the Winter...and so on.

There's shouldn't be a downside to these tips. If anything, it makes the process of finally listing your home for sale exciting because you'll know you're prepared, and putting your best foot forward.