Blog's housing market healthy and will bounce back.2019-10-28T08:00:00Zea595249-b21e-4470-97e2-c292de4b353d REALTORS Care Blanket Drive.2019-10-21T01:59:00Zbc87a008-09a8-40d7-874a-f31b2bc0dd17 TO WIN!Fall & Halloween2019-10-10T04:41:00Z5fc7cc31-5ef5-4a0c-8373-7111feb0e361 Statistics.2019-10-04T04:45:00Zb11e6f01-4804-4622-a4f8-e6d348129e90 Home Buyer Incentive Learn More About the Program2019-09-20T04:48:00Z60d8056f-f414-4467-a306-31d989cf2b5b Incentive for First Time Home BuyersThis website help to determine your eligibility, calculate your maximum purchase price, and select the incentive that is right for you.2019-09-15T21:27:00Z3b41ba32-3a45-4863-88b4-23f67b712104 Foreclosures: Keep These Tips in Mind.2019-09-10T20:05:00Z0fd8ed81-6fc3-4d7d-8ac2-28828ea736e8 stress test rules get more lenient for first time since B-20 intro.2019-07-22T19:22:00Zce11dffe-59c5-4f1c-9cd8-26b71e9c4361 HOUSES.2019-07-12T19:29:00Z1cf95327-f29a-40a2-8aee-a5ee70fc6549 Canada Day!.2019-07-01T07:34:00Z4089b543-11cd-4712-aa5f-d3c09c17b952 the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive a good deal for Home Buyers?.2019-06-25T07:35:00Z4b257d9f-3155-4706-8f6e-277baa4ae135 Fathers Day.2019-06-16T18:56:00Z5b35d4af-2590-4549-8887-74cc7b226c76't forget to claim your Home Owner Grant.2019-06-03T19:01:00Z30e91029-e608-4a36-8dd5-d60d2bc57ece HOUSESSee what OPEN HOUSES our agents are hosting this weekend!2019-05-24T19:14:00Zfd80950b-8c44-4460-a697-870e120a3e8e Home ValuationRequest a free report2019-05-21T19:21:00Zcd6126cd-d0cf-4ef3-aed9-820785f98cd6 Mother's DayWe appreciate all Mother's2019-05-11T19:26:00Zaba448a0-8226-455b-9417-befafca028f1 for Home SellersDo these things before you list your home2019-05-01T19:28:00Z41c3e3dc-cae7-4cc7-9d97-7d28a63c19ab House - Office ClosureThis weekend...2019-04-19T19:26:00Ze993f17c-d0a9-42ff-a273-8632aefcef67 Sutton Showplace Realty - Realtor AwardsAnnual Breakfast & Awards for our Sutton Agents2019-03-29T19:10:00Zf73e30dd-c124-4f39-a50a-160db7c0a42e speculation tax changed to exempt Gulf Islands propertiesThe changes include limiting the geographic areas of the tax to Nanaimo and Greater Victoria, exempting Parksville, Qualicum Beach, the Gulf Islands and Juan de Fuca2019-03-27T19:05:00Z43f7101f-012a-4fdf-9055-6f886d3afcde Speculation TaxAre you on the title of your parent or child's property? 2019-03-22T19:02:00Z824af661-cecd-403d-aec3-eef26266cb03 ListingsSutton Showplace Realty - March 20, 20192019-03-20T18:58:00Zacadaba2-4cec-4c49-b2fb-41961eb8d054 Mortgage Rules are impacting B.C. families' abilities to purchase homes.Mortgage Stress Test2019-03-18T18:46:00Zeed0d14a-e9b3-47dd-934b-a2ba22c18020 HOUSESCheck out our Facebook page2019-03-08T02:15:00Zdd88c576-3897-4955-9f20-bffbbb3185c5 ListingsCheck out a few of our agents Featured Listings.2019-03-06T02:20:00Zef955ee2-fd63-4d6d-b935-0eedc8079a82 Get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?Tips2019-02-18T19:29:00Z0a54f730-5fea-4e10-8564-dfeb3f6e3eec Listings - Feb 13thSutton Showplace Realty2019-02-14T02:26:00Zd483d285-5957-4a78-87ef-a561e6ae5de8 Problems Found During a Home InspectionThis list can help sellers and prospective buyers look for these issues and correct or repair them prior to selling/buying a home.2019-02-04T19:18:00Z72726e6a-e578-4256-a3e1-7c54a9507bdf Listings - Jan30Sutton Showplace Realty2019-01-31T02:28:00Zb48700ca-abbb-4f74-8412-525a41979980 Tax and Vacancy TaxLook for your letter in the mail to claim your exemption.2019-01-29T04:18:00Z1d6af8ae-8daa-41cf-b67a-62bd92bbc112’s redeveloped downtown may see new businesses as early as this FallThe four-phase project is expected to continue for four years2019-01-24T15:38:00Z8f21f787-804a-4a57-993e-b170297bd5f9 to see if there's any rebates/incentives that apply to your home improvements.Planning some upgrades? 2019-01-16T16:06:00Z56967b25-8736-46c0-8ada-c1b5ca618fd1 Listings - Jan 9Sutton Showplace Realty2019-01-10T02:35:00Z20a3875d-5ede-4cdd-b67d-7f3a74f6efaa from the 2019 B.C. property assessmentsSome observations from every B.C. resident’s favourite annual piece of mail2019-01-09T19:07:00Z31aa701d-365c-4424-944a-e9dac9fe99e6 Listings - Dec 15Sutton Showplace Realty2018-12-16T02:37:00Z1247b4be-61b6-4ecf-9f77-c13f4e00cd97’s skyrocketing real estate market will ‘correct’ in 2019: analystHousing prices in Vancouver are set to rise just 0.6 per cent 2018-12-11T21:29:00Zc69a1904-3438-4274-9005-fd638c23d78a Door Decorating Contest!Enter on our Facebook Page!2018-12-08T21:34:00Z614f0a28-fe8a-425b-9a7a-2d276b86dbe7 Wonderland CONTEST 2018Enter to Win 2 Cirque Musica Tickets to the December 21st show in Abbotsford.2018-11-12T18:22:00Zedbbec5c-6ffc-4761-aac9-d156e4e5e86c Closure for Remembrance DaySutton Showplace Realty2018-11-11T18:30:00Zadd1ed1f-c4fb-486e-afd9-1a050eca0a61 Listings - Nov 7Sutton Showplace Realty2018-11-08T02:40:00Z5b2dcf59-2306-4f5a-ab04-c2c0f82c9b07 24th Annual REALTORS Care ®️ Blanket Drive is Gearing UpThe cold weather is approaching and we're collecting gently used items to distribute within the Lower Mainland.2018-10-18T19:13:00Z13a73528-21d3-4b27-9d4e-6fd04851b9e3 Valley becomes favoured real estate investment destinationGiant distribution centre and transit decision reflect reasons Metro developers, investors, home buyers are heading south across the Fraser 2018-10-03T19:39:00Z48de717d-6e58-4efa-bf52-fe0274b1a0b6 government cuts automatic 2% increase in annual rent allowance for 2019The increase will now be limited to the annual rate of inflation, which now stands at 2.5 per cent.2018-09-26T21:31:00Ze24c1986-0c9d-4320-b919-ae2dca16ec52 VIEW: Are foreign buyers really leaving B.C.'s real estate market?New data suggests foreign buyers are buying less real estate. 2018-08-23T01:55:00Z66182048-5256-444b-ae55-662cd4798cec, housing, housing. Does anything else matter this election?Otherwise known as ‘people care a lot less about bike lanes after home prices double in four years’2018-08-03T02:13:00Z1ece52dd-be3c-477f-9780-1aec85a0a49e property buyers must give more details in measure aimed at tax evasionThe B.C. government is closing a loophole in an effort to avoid tax evasion in real estate.2018-07-27T17:58:00Zba87007c-ffb0-473c-a1a7-0bc064a1300e Home Sells for $1.75 Million in BitcoinA property in Delaware, which was the first in the state to accept Bitcoin as a payment option, has been sold for a cool $1.75 million.2018-07-25T17:42:00Z060f5428-0db1-4c74-94ea-776ff22689bb market kicks-off with slim supply in MarchFraser Valley homes pick up modest price increases in March2018-04-25T19:50:00Za0146245-9121-4b2d-8c79-bb256ffe3d53 Proof Your HomeFollow these guidelines to minimize your exposure to allergens outdoors and to avoid bringing them home2018-04-16T15:31:00Z79099e47-61e1-4a8b-b54f-ba7416e76ae8 Stress TestHere’s the income you need to pass the mortgage stress test across Canada.2018-04-14T23:33:00Z9e2adec2-8399-4fb7-9e78-965ae3dfa22d TaxThe BC Government has provided this flowchart to help you find out.2018-04-04T19:46:00Z23bbc532-4329-4953-bc13-63d9d2b4894f in five British Columbians support new real estate taxesWhere do you stand in this?2018-03-27T20:13:00Z0754fecc-7c4d-4016-94d0-2cdd8cef898d Colouring ContestHave you heard about Sutton Showplace's Annual Easter Colouring Contest?2018-03-16T19:11:00Z905bcc9f-3332-4eb7-a326-c9491fa51cfe Warranty Insurance on New Homes.2018-03-09T21:03:00Z9a9b2024-52fc-4d57-b3da-2df0cf6d3623 Buyers Tax ChangesForeign buyers tax coming to Victoria, Nanaimo, Fraser Valley and Okanagan2018-02-28T20:53:00Z5c9ce4af-8c6a-4fbf-9322-9848979bf99a Real Estate Sales Remain Steady, Prices Continue to RiseJanuary maintained the seller’s market with lowest number of listings in a decade2018-02-15T21:09:00Z7e3f2686-f7f4-422d-ac4b-a7491537ed94 Agency Real Estate Rules Extended to June.2018-02-09T21:01:00Z5aad7143-97aa-4d47-a0f0-9e54608b5a18 Listings - Jan 24Sutton Showplace Realty2018-01-25T02:33:00Z9dc17695-d81e-450c-96b0-1d14f056b2a2 about the recent Bank of Canada interest rate increase?Current Mortgage Rates for January 20182018-01-22T03:29:00Zb05e2622-f201-42be-9331-c78d6e7e1d47 to Mortgage Rates in January 2018Mortgage rate increases2018-01-19T03:06:00Zbc27e33d-d769-4f50-9d6f-e85db7418e46 Real Estate StatisticsHere's what we learned from December sales. 2018-01-15T21:25:00Z107eb5fd-5641-4309-be7d-f43ee074417d About a Career in Real Estate?Sutton Showplace Realty2018-01-10T20:45:00Zb32d3463-9004-4a0a-aa42-9793b99a03c1 This BC Region continue to be a hotspot in 2018?Prices will rely on the balance between supply and demand in the market.2018-01-03T21:57:00Z6ed616cf-9193-430b-9fd7-4026f08a2661 Chilliwack Real Estate ForecastHigh Chilliwack home prices, sales forecast to moderate2017-12-14T19:36:00Z190ab9c7-6741-469f-9829-bc75c8298a06 10 Cities To Buy Real EstateChilliwack is in the top 10!2017-11-29T18:10:00Zcaf70224-4a9a-402e-8ae6-f182812c6a03 ShowplaceA long established Real Estate office in Chilliwack.2017-11-22T01:55:00Z6228847f-c872-4114-baa2-a0cfb4724257 DriveRealtor's Care Blanket Drive2017-11-15T21:10:00Z8b90ffd4-821e-4b08-be1b-d9c2a898c2af Real Estate NewsBanner Month For Local Real Estate2017-10-31T21:25:00Zafa7ec6a-326f-40aa-a5cc-28c5aa657c1f Showplace - Free Community Pumpkin Patch!Join us Saturday October 21st!2017-10-10T18:16:00Z3cd91aed-9af2-4f86-b476-a8f9a0fccaf5 18th Lunch & Learn - Selling Lease Land with Special Guest - All Realtors WelcomeJoin us in the Boardroom at Sutton Showplace Realty on April 18th for our Lunch & Learn Event - Selling Lease Land with Scott Simpson. Event is open to all Realtors. Please RSVP via our Facebook page.2017-04-15T13:45:00Ze845ae6f-4d5b-4d00-8009-0ff86cecc592 week's Sutton Shuffle is without a winner again!We were without a winner again this week. So next weeks 'Sutton Shuffle' jackpot goes up another $10! Don't forget Sutton Realtors to attend the weekly office meeting, on time, to have a chance to win.2017-04-13T14:10:00Z54243b1b-61bd-4522-90a9-49bfaf88af9b Colouring Contest Comes to an End!Our Easter Colouring contest came to a close today at noon! Over the 1 1/2 week Contest period we received 26 Entries. We'd like to thank everyone that participated and congratulate our Winners: Emma won the People's Choice [...]2017-04-12T14:12:00Z